You Can’t Grow, What You Can’t Measure.

What’s your North Star Metric for Instagram Growth?

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When running your Instagram… as a business or as a tool for your business… or even as a hobby… what do you absolutely need to measure?

What’s the single number that matters beyond anything else? If you saw it, each and every day, would A) give you something to improve and B) make sure past changes are actually working.

What number that if put on a daily chart, the line goes up and to the right, and also fills your wallet?

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Here’s what GrowthLab looks like right now.

What’s wrong with Follower Count?

Follower count is a cumulative accounting of the number of people you could potentially reach with a post, without do anything else. No hashtags, no sharing, no regramming. It’s a single stat.

It’s bad because people are more likely to follow than unfollow. Beyond the robots doing that, real people actually don’t unfollow often. Once you get a follower you now have them until either they choose to unfollow you, or their account is deactivated and deleted for whatever reason that is.

The most powerful thing is that they chose to follow you. Meaning that something you did, in the past, gave them the thought to give you the power to be in their feed.

# of Users or Revenue

In the app and web development world, it’s usually: # of Users or Revenue.

Using that as a rubric, you could probably consider # of Followers or The amount of revenue you’re making.

As an Actor, TV Host, Talent: You’d make money by being hired or cast. How many of your IG followers are “Casting Directors”? Would that be a good indicator that you’re making more money?

As a Model or Photographer: You’d make money from gigs. How many emails do you get per week that request your rates? Or how many people click on your website link that goes to your media kit?

As a Musician: you’d make money from streaming listens, youtube views, or selling songs. How many clicks to your linktree, or website happens each week from your IG? How many is that per new followers? Do your new followers listen more or less than your past followers?

Truly asking you this right now.

  • How does Instagram help you make more money?

Let’s measure it.

GrowthLab’s got users! You can be one too. Sign up for the beta here.
Track what your IG Growth.

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