You Can Launch A Business with a Google Sheet

Jack Dorsey launched a $1B global relief fund via a google sheet. You can start a business.

Yes you can launch a business

Wait, but he has money… how do I get money?

Dense Discovery created a payment portal in a google sheet.

Sell individual items with links to etsy, or ebay, in a cell.

Let BuyMeACoffee handle monthly subscriptions, or just take donations.

Put a google sheet behind a $3 paywall with BuyMeACoffee’s Coffeelinks

But I don’t have stripe.
Set a very unique number, like $34.20 for your price: and use For example if you pay $3.02 here, I’ll know you read this article and really liked it.

Watch Your payments. Anyone paid that amount? Send them an email.

Link to Gumroad or simplegoods

Heck… create an amazon wishlist, and when someone sends you an item. Mark them as paid.

…sure, okay… But what do I sell?

Freelance SEO marketers use google sheets for analysis. Get a domain, send a google sheet of tips, backlinks, etc.

Want to start a newsletter? But don’t want to spin up a Mailchimp account…
Create a google form to capture email addresses.

GrowthList sells lead lists.

You can create a P.R. agency in a google sheet.

Social Media Marketing: Write 100 tweets for a business for $150. That’s like 5 cents a word.

Content Marketing: Write 50 great Linkedin Posts for a business for $250. Send them in a google sheet.

Keep track of what you do in a google sheet. use formats over and over again. Track how your posts do, and then use the tracking to promote your services to more.

But Marketing….

Make free calculators in google sheets. Share on IH, on Twitter, on Reddit.

Are you selling a list of 250 sources, leads, tips? Give away 20, in a google sheet.

Speaking of google sheets…. Let me tell you about Better Sheets.

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