Why Influencer Marketing?

Andrew Kamphey
3 min readAug 18, 2019


Influence Weekly provides a curated newsletter each week about the Influencer Marketing industry and whatever it may encompass.

It’s read by, and meant for…

…individuals, groups, and companies looking to better understand the growth Influencer Marketing space for a variety of reasons: whether it’s to make content, find marketing channels, invest time and resources to understand the ecosystem or generally to just do interesting stuff.

Influence Weekly is edited and published by me, Andrew Kamphey. I’ve been working in the influencer marketing industry since late 2015.

And have been a professional creator since before YouTube existed.

Yes, I made branded videos for the likes of Eurowings, and other cutting edge companies trying to break into digital in 2004 and 2005.

Side Project to Full Time

Influence Weekly was first a side project while I worked at an influencer marketing agency. And has become an independent venture now that I’m working, writing, thinking, and gathering information on my own.

My work has appeared all over your LinkedIn Feed and will continue to do so.

It’s currently August 2019, and I’m looking to expand. I’d like to take on more editors and writers and artists and creators.

Influence Weekly primarily takes the form of a newsletter that comes out every Friday for free.

And two podcasts that are delivered through email as well. One of those is the audio version of the newsletter called The Takeaway. The other is guest hosted by an agency and lets them shine in their analysis of the news. That’s called Talking Points.

Periodically I also release new content, info, analysis that is meant for paid subscribers first.

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Note: This may change as I make big changes to the site

I won’t pretend that Influence Weekly is anything close to a fully comprehensive source on the entire Influencer Industry and Creator Economy. Nor will I portend to know everything, to be correct all the time. Such is the nature of being human. As long as AI hasn’t replaced us all, I can only share my limited but full scope of what I know, what I think, and what I believe at this point in time.

I produce Influence Weekly with a few guiding principles: Data-Driven Analysis, Insightfulness and Actionable. I revel in studies, surveys, reports: Both qualitative and quantitive. Each product of Influence Weekly is meant to be fully utilized for your own purposes.

I have been informed that each week’s articles are scoured for points of reference for Linkedin Connections. Late 2018, a Creator featured had a $20k deal from a reader of the newsletter. If you think I can make a connection, feel free to reach out by email.

What to Advertise on Influence Weekly? Email me: hi@influenceweekly.co

Why Influencer Marketing? I mean, why not? Sure, it’s an increasingly buzzy category, oft fraught with cringe and disdain.

I study influencer Marketing because I love it, because I find it endlessly interesting form of monetization for creators. It’s pervasive. It’s not going to eat all of the marketing world, but it will be in every form of media that will exist. As long as there are individuals creating something for someone… there will be Influencer Marketing. It’s bound to the creator economy in a symbiotic relationship.

Anyway, my hope is that, by reading Influence Weekly, you can walk away with interesting things to think about, better ideas to play with, and more people to consider.

Influence Weekly is just one vision-impaired, glasses-wearing pair of eyes trying to see the whole thing.

No matter where I am in this world, with wifi, I’ll be studying this stuff, all the ups, and downs and turn arounds. It’s been a wonderful journey so far and the future looks bright.

I hope you enjoy the ride too.