41 Ways to Make Money from YouTube

Sites and methods for Streamers and Creators to monetize video.

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Listed are a ton of examples of monetizing video. Sometimes it’s a site, sometimes it’s just an example you can learn from. Some of these even are growth hacks. Meaning you can do them for the money but also to find new audiences.

License Your Videos

These services represent you to their clients and sell your video over and over again. Some will do a revenue share each time it’s sold, while others will just pay for the full rights in one deal. Could be as low as $100 or much much more.




Vimeo Stock

brand New entrant to licensing.


Cater News also buys and sells clip usage.


Storyful handles all tracking, sales and revenue-share agreements on behalf of video owners and media clients. The service is hassle-free for clients and owners alike.


How’s this for social proof? Jukin Media has paid over $15 million in royalties for videos. Jukin-represented videos have appeared on TV shows like The Ellen Degeneres Show, Today, Good Morning America, CBS News, MTV’s Ridiculousness, and many others, and in commercials for brands like Google, Nike, Holiday Inn, and Taco Bell.


For videos that are funny, fuzzy, or just plain f**ked up. They sell to licensing partners such as ABC, NBC, MTV, FOX, Weather Channel, Telemundo, Daily Mail, Ellen DeGeneres, and more. If your content is featured, you’ll receive both an upfront payment and a share of licensing revenues.

Monetize Links


CJ Affiliate — Formerly Commissions Junction

Amazon Affiliate

Amazon Influencer




Mainly for software sales. If you’re doing anything with technical analysis or software tutorial videos. This is a good one.


A great way to generate revenue would be to do it project by project. Instead of thinking of long-term ways. get Short Term. By funding a specific project you can get that funded and then monetize it on YouTube ad rev.



Ad Revenue

YouTube Ad Revenue

I didn't’ say these were all “alternative”. If you haven’t turned on monetization yet, do so. It will only benefit you, in the long run, to start now.



Snap’s getting more in bed with creators.

Twitter Video Ad Revenue

Creators can monetize on twitter video ads.

Brand Deals

Influencer Agencies

Check out influence.directory to find an agency that can bring you brand deals. Get proactive and email them, sign up for them.

Ask a Brand

Perhaps the best way is to go to the brands you want to work with and ask them. Here’s a way to jump start your outreach: Contacts and info about 250 Direct Retail Brands.

Product Placement

BEN — Branded Entertainment Network

While some may consider this a brand deal, at times it could be in

Multi Channel Networks

Here’s the almost only reason anyone would want to join an MCN. It’s possible that an MCN can get you higher ad revenue. This is not an endorsement for MCNs as many are not helpful in any other way than this. They may promise you the world in growth and help but honestly this is all they can materially offer. And sometimes it doesn’t work for your channel.

Sell To Other YouTubers

If you have a skill that’s transferable, then selling it to other youtubers is a great way to monetize. Are you great at creating graphics? Editing? Scheduling, assisting?


Take for example, Nick Nimmin, who leveraged his graphics skills into a sellable item to fellow YouTubers.


Vidchops sells editing service to video makers. You can sell your editing services too.


Got a digital download? This site makes it really easy to sell something. Combine with a Carrd.co and you have yourself an internet business.

Be an Assistant

Are you a year or two into your YouTube career? Still looking for opportunities and want to learn? Being an assistant to a YouTuber allows you to have a salary ( a small one, but one) and learn what it takes.

Be a Manager

Managing other YouTubers is like being a mom. Sometimes it’s like being an assistant but there’s a clear difference.

Growth Consulting

Matt Gielen of Little Monster Media has made a career off of advising how to grow channels.

Teach a Class



Use Udemy’s platform to find a new audience.

Ignite the Patrons In Your Audience


A great way to monetize your audience directly. Most use this to generate revenue, but really you could use this to generate a community. Use it to build a solid base of VIP fans.


Sell Digital Downloads


Create A Subscription Box



Alternative Methods of Revenue


Government grants or philanthropic foundations give money for film projects.


Filmmakers Without Borders

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