Top Influencer Marketing Articles of 2017

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Each week I curate a list of insightful articles about Influencer Marketing. The list is called Influence Weekly and In order to get the 10 best, I read through 30 to 100 articles each week. It’s sent to Marketing Execs, Agencies and Influencers.

Each edition is focused on the newest, best articles giving up to date insights. From time to time I find something amazing that is older and have to include it.

I put out the call for best article of the year from the readers. They got back to me and let me in on their most viewed, most talked about, most inspiring posts of the year.

Here’s what they came back with.

Veloce — 55 Powerful Influencer Marketing Statistics and Facts You Need to Know

Stats! ooooh I love stats. Here’s a good one: Google searches for the term “influencer marketing” has increased by 325 percent over 12 months. And there’s 54 more in this post.

The Cirqle — How Instagram is empowering businesses

Steve, the CEO points to this write up as their best of the year. Claire Duiverman points out the key elements behind Instagram’s marketing success and how they are on track for $4 billion ad revenue. It’s a powerful platform for the reasons she discusses.

Julius — What does 2018 have in store for influencer marketing?

Julius, the influencer marketing platform, surveyed marketers across a variety of industries who are either doing influencer marketing or planning to in the new year. This is what is in store for 2018. —How Influencer Marketing is going to be different in 2018?

Using data and asking 5 of the best-known social media specialists their opinion…. makes this Lefty’s most viewed article of the year.

InfluencerBay — Instagram money calculator

This tool, with about 1 minute of reading, was Influencer Bay’s top read of the year. Truly helpful to do a quick calculation of your or anyone’s instagram account. I included it in an edition of my weekly. I wonder if that helped.

Bianca de la Garza — Working Woman

Influencer Bianca started thinking about her travel schedule and family schedule, and work, and friends, she began to dissect her life a little bit. And then she asked herself: What do you do for yourself to make you happy?

Reelio — The Value Of Influencer Marketing; Industry Perspectives With OMD’s Katharine Ricci

OMD’s Katharine Ricci, who’s been doing influencer marketing strategy for the last ten years, talked to Reelio about the value and why brands shouldn’t solely rely on organic positive shout-outs from fans.

Parklu — Why Do Chinese Bloggers Dwarf Western Bloggers For Sales?

Parklu, a Chinese Influencer Marketing Platform, says this is their top article this year. Bloggers in China have social and technological advantages for converting fans that Bloggers in the West can only dream of. In this article, Parklu discuss the four which are most crucial.

The Influence Agency — What Is “Black Hat” Influencer Marketing?

Tom Yawney at Influence Agency posits: Is it possible to “go viral” without putting in hard work, and/or being patient? Going viral is very different than becoming a social media Influencer. And goes through 4 tactics that may or may not work. Your Results May Vary.

Chris Landa — Behind The Brand Deal: Alyssa Manning Of Two Pillar Management

Featured on Tubefilter and in Influence Weekly, this interview goes on the top of Chris’ most viewed article of the year.

Voyager — 10 Must See Attractions in Singapore

Sandy & Vyjay of Voyager, a top travel influencer, saw their post on Singapore’s top attractions do the best this year. Of all their content, which spans articles around the world, this in particular did the best. A telling sign of the incoming tourism to the area. May also signal that more people are looking for attractions to see than experiences to have. Maybe just the experiential market isn’t there yet.

Editor’s note: Come on Airbnb Experiences! Let’s see what you got in 2018!

The Influence Marketer — 150+ Influencer Marketing Agencies, Platforms, Tools, Companies1 You Need to Know

Tom put together an epic list for all those interested in figuring out not just how to use Influencer Marketing but what to use. This is a serious advanced list that isn’t for the meek. If you’ve tried influencer marketing before and know how hard it is to manage identifying and contacting influencers, this list is a ray of sunshine on a dark and dreary day.

Fourstarzz — A Day in the life: Influencer Edition

Fourstarzz sits down with Stacey, a blogger and talks with her about why being an influencer is just as important to her as it is to the companies she works with.

Wellness Amplified — Fake Influencers are Grabbing Headlines: How to Hire Trustworthy Influencers

Karen Koslow of Wellness Amplified published on Chief Marketer this resounding call to make sure you’re hiring the right people. Karen Koslow is co-founder + managing partner at Wellness Amplified, an influencer marketing agency focused on the health, wellness + nutrition verticals.

Each week I publish Influence Weekly: Insights, Guides, Infographics, Profiles and more for Influencer Marketing.

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