Top Clicked Influencer Marketing Articles of March 2018

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These were the most clicked links from each edition of March 2018.

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From March 2nd, 2018: What Influencers Need Now

What You Need To Know About Vero, The Latest Hot Social Network

  • Chronological feed
  • Subscription-based. You pay a fee.
  • First million got it free. (promo was extended)

Editor’s Question: Will you pay to play or would you rather let brands pay for you? As each year goes by, free software is less enticing. Apps gather more data on us and we don’t control it ourselves.

10 Female Arab Influencers Making It Big

Fashionistas, Travelers, Designers and Entrepreneurs from across MENA are finding huge audiences on Instagram.

Condé Nast launches influencer platform focusing on Fashion & Beauty

From March 9th, 2018: Kelloggs, Chevron, Soap, and Drinks

Inside Cosmetics Brand Too Faced’s Winning Instagram Strategy
“The brand focuses on a single theme and pushes it hard across all channels, driving consumers to seek out the campaign on every social network they use,” said Gardner.

Kellogg’s turns to YouTube creators to spearhead masterbrand campaign
Kellogg’s is building on its ‘Amazing Creations’ campaign, with new videos featuring YouTube creator Simone Giertz and her useless machines.

7 Lifestyle Influencers In New York City Who Are Crushing It On Instagram.

From March 16th, 2018: Rising Tide

ROI Influencer Media uses proprietary algorithms to rank the most effective Influencers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The ROI Influencer Score™ additionally incorporates age, gender, location, brand safety and the audience interests of each Influencer.

Brillstein Talent Manager Seth Jacobs on why Influencer Marketing is Here to Stay
“I’d like to see more brands fund new IP and creator-driven productions. ‘Brand as studio’ has the potential to disrupt the traditional Hollywood system” — Seth Jacobs

Five Things Influencers Want Brands To Understand In 2018.

From March 23rd, 2018: Fakes and Fighting

Study Finds Posts With Zero, None, Nada, No Hashtags Gets More Engagement
“many people would assume that using Instagram hashtags would help increase engagement. “ the report says. “In fact, we found no clear correlation between the number of hashtags in a post and the number of engagements (likes and comments).”

Macy’s Wants To Turn Hundreds Of Its Own Workers Into Fashion Influencers

Brands That Got it All Wrong on Social Media

From March 30th, 2018: Battleground Yoga

Influence by the Numbers: Who’s Really Influential Online
Fullscreen and Shareablee partnered to figure out just which influencers are really driving impact for brands. They analyzed 31,802 influencers with a range of followings and surveyed 1,200 individuals aged 18–34 who interacted with branded content.

  • 37% of individuals aged 18–34 are more likely to trust brands after being exposed to sponsored posts from influencers.
  • The 18–24 demographic is more likely to trust influencer posts (54.8%) than adults aged 25–34 (36.5%)
  • Publishing of social video grew by 36% YOY, while engagement grew by 77%.

Battleground Yoga 2018: More complicated than just “David vs Goliath”
What starts out as a classic story of a small influencer vs big corporate brand twists into something much more complicated. Alo Yoga doesn’t look great, The Influencers involved aren’t really put in the best light. Nobody comes out of this without a black eye. Petitions have been signed. Lines have been drawn. Sides are being picked.

How ‘Friends’ and ‘Followers’ are Disrupting Tourism Marketing
Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Yelp, Snapchat and TripAdvisor, and other social media platforms have radically shifted the way tourism destinations and experiences are marketed. While digital billboards, glossy double page magazine spreads and slick television ads still sell the sizzle, the steak is increasingly served up by the visitors themselves, and the influence they exert over their followers.

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