The Easy Way to Get Newsletter Sponsors

Andrew Kamphey
3 min readMar 3, 2021


I ran a curated newsletter for 3 years about Influencer Marketing and this I’ve found to be the easiest way to get sponsors.

A bit of background

Each week I curate articles and sent out Influence Weekly. Typically each edition has between 15 and 20 articles.

I’ve tried a lot of different things

To keep it interesting, I’ve played with different sections and different types of information.

Highlighting great reading material, highlighting people, Agencies, Creators, Jobs, Sources (Journalists), Events, etc.

Ultimately it’s the fresh articles that everyone comes for.

I can’t help it. It’s just what the people want.

They want the interesting articles that I find each week served up in a simple list in their inbox. There’s no magic.

What is magical…

…is the editing. My editorial bar is drawn far higher than thought pieces, or opinions.

An interview, I’ll take it. An expose, yes.

A journalistic endeavor into the depths of our existence, Hell yeah!

Keep The Lights On

This editorial sense continues into the ads. I don’t really want to take money from every single person who just wants to get in front of thousands of people.

These are my thousands of people. They signed up for, consented to, getting articles from me. And I’d like to keep that promise.

I’d also like to keep the lights on in my home office.

Everybody Knows

There is no deceit, there are no lies. The audience, the readers, they know you need to eat, make money in some way.

And some are gracious to help you either by buying your product or by donating a few dollars. Thanks for the hundreds of dollars over the past few years.

The easiest way for them to support you is to look at an ad.


The best situation would be if that ad both supported you and was incredibly useful to them.

That doesn’t happen all the time but it can happen more than you think.

Ask Back, For Something, Anything.

When someone emails you an article suggestion, and I hope this happens to you, you can reply. And replying a few different ways can change the relationship.

Ask for shout out

Ask for a sponsorship

The ask isn’t an ultimatum.

Give them a way to pay right away.

You’ll be surprised, if you make it really super duper easy peasy.

Don’t be surprised if you never hear back from them.

Be nice.

Be responsive. (I’ve messed this one up a lot)

Keep Your Sanity

Be Honest



The easiest way to get newsletter sponsors is to ask those who are sending you articles to feature in your curated newsletter.

If you don’t curate, and you only write original pieces, try curating at the end of your newsletter.

Add “Additional Reading” section.

or “Industry News”

or “Awesome People”

or “My Favorite Articles”

Better Letters

You can curate easier by collecting the articles in a google sheet. Try out Better Letters. I personally made this google sheet fully powered after curating in a google sheet for 3 years. it comes with a bookmarklet to capture articles with ease. And make a sponsorship sheet you can send to anyone who wants to sponsor you.

Not The Only Way

I mentioned this is the “Easiest” way. Not the only way.

If you’re interested in hearing about literally every single way a newsletter could monetize: go to

Subscribers Into Profits is a lecture, video and slide show that helps you determine the BEST way to monetize.