Successes and Failures — 10 Weeks of Ycombinator’s Startup School Summed up in 1 list of facts.

One founder’s experience of YC Startup School.

It’s Graduation Time! For the past 10 weeks, I’ve been in school, YC Startup School. I put Influence Directory through the gauntlet each week. In fact, it was I who came out different.

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YCombinator created a free online course, complete with lectures, and group meetings, that covered everything a startup needs to survive. Want in? You can still watch all the lectures in their library.

Success and Failure are usually thought, in retrospect, as inevitabilities.

After the fact, when companies “exit” or close, their story is drawn as a line. The line goes either from 0 to success or to failure. A simple duality. At this point, I don’t know which course I’m on.

I showed up each week, one way or another. Listened to other founders struggle through, surprisingly, exactly the same issues I was going through.

Here is the best way I can think to show what I’ve done in the last ten weeks. Let me just state some facts.

In 10 weeks:

  • Pivoted 3 times.
  • Redesigned entire site.
  • Had 6 weeks of growth.
  • An epiphany that my growth stats were wrong.
  • Had 3 weeks of no growth.
  • Posted revenue for 1 week. (Week 10).
  • Had 1 potential acquisition go nowhere.
  • Connected with 4 potential investors.
  • Attended 9 group meetings at 6 in the morning.
  • attended 3 group meetings on Sunday mornings.
  • Met 9 other startup founders, now friends.

Thanks to YC Startup School founders, faculty, lecturers and my fellow group #500 members. We did it, together!

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