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I love reports, surveys, and data, but mostly I love case studies. And readers do too.

Many readers are CEOs, Director, Managers… Decision Makers at brands, or agencies themselves. Some are creators and Influencers as well. The most important thing is that we all share information to make Influencer Marketing a better industry to work in and better results for our clients.

Send me a link to your most recent Influencer Campaign Case Study to

The best case studies will include Goals, Approach, Campaign Highlights, and Results.

It doesn’t have to be fancy.


Explicitly lay out the scope and KPIs the marketer or brand needs to call this campaign a success. Any directives from the brand/marketer should go here. Differentiate between Awareness, Downloads, Engagement, Sales Lift, Clicks, Sales, etc.


Layout either the grand vision or the execution-style. Color commentary is welcomed here if the holistic creative component of the campaign is not apparent. The platform should go here if it was agency decided. This is where an agency can let their personality shine.

Campaign Highlights

Show off exact examples. Links directly to Instagram posts, YouTube Videos. You should include commentary on why these are the best. Did they tie directly to KPIs, or blow the brand away with creativity?


State exactly what the Brand/Marketer got from the campaign. This should mirror at least part of the Goals section and state at least some exact numbers. Bonus points, for sharing lessons learned.

Once you write your case study, send me a link:

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