So You Think You Can Collab!

3 easy ways to collaborate and be open to collaborating with awesome influencers.

You see a great Instagrammer, you love them. You like their work, their energy. You think their fans would love you and your fans would love them.

You’d love to collab.

Now what?

Shoutout 4 Shoutout

The quick and dirty way to collaborate is to take a moment out of your day and let your followers know about this other account. The easiest way to do this is to screenshot a photo you like of theirs and include it in your Instagram story. It’s nice to include a link to their account.

Feature 4 Feature

One more step up on the difficulty scale is to feature a post in your feed. This means you’re placing them in your regular posts. It may be for a day or a week or forever.

Another flavor of the “feature” collab is to get featured on a theme account. There are thousands of theme accounts you can get featured. You can find many of them at

If you’d like to be featured on normal pages, it helps to have a way to reciprocate. Make yourself open to featuring others. One way is to create a day of the week where you feature other accounts that you like, or who are thematically similar to you. #FollowFriday, #ManCrushMonday, #WomanCrushWednesday are all examples of this. You can make your own.

Long Distance Selfie

Here are some collabs you don’t have to be in the same space to accomplish. Imagine the final product, two people are in two different places, taking up half the photo each but thematically tied.

One of you takes a photo at night and the other during the day. Or different seasons.

Thematically similar, perhaps a similar monument or feature in your city. Crop the photos together to form one photo.

Eat similar foods, look like you’re at the same table, but in different cities.

I’ll add more examples if you send them to me:

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