Post Every Day — On Instagram

You’re on Instagram and you’re not posting every day. Let me try to convince you otherwise.

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What’s scarier? Having to post every day or knowing you’re missing out every day?

I think most people, if I ask them to post every day, would say “that’s a lot”, or “I’ll run out of content.” Hopefully I can paint an uglier picture for you, a picture of you missing out on a lot of opportunities.

28.6% This is the percentage of sales opportunities you’re missing if you’re only posting 5 days a week as opposed to 7.

85.6% percentage of opportunities you’re missing if you’re only posting once a week as opposed to daily.

The difference between posting 5 days a week compared to 7 days a week is almost 30%. Why do I say you’re missing out? Because most active users of Instagram are logging in every day. In the spring of 2017: 400 million people are using Instagram every day to share photos with their friends. That’s 57% of all Monthly Active Users, as of Spring 2017.

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You spend all day trying to reach customers. There are 700 million potential customers who signed into Instagram in the last month. Most of those signed in within the last day. How many? 400 Million.

At this point some of you might be asking, couldn’t posting too often turn people away from my IG account? Isn’t it overkill? The answer is absolutely not. Think of it this way, the users who are following you are following you by choice and ultimately because they enjoy the content that you share with them.

But what about statistics, how do I know that posting everyday will be beneficial to my business? saves the day here. It’s a great tool in finding day to day analytics on social media accounts. You can track your own and even see your industry’s leaders.

(editor question: do I need to talk more about socialblade?)

Let’s use Footlocker, a well known and reputable sporting company with over 6.9 million followers as an example.

Although they have a large following Footlocker continues to post multiple times a day with great results. On average they gain 5,926 followers per day. On Monday April 3rd, Footlocker posted 13 times and gained over 13 thousand followers on their account after that posting. Again on Thursday May 23rd, Footlocker posted 11 times and gained over 10 thousand new followers. This alone demonstrates a cause and effect between multiple posts daily and growing your following. Other major world-renowned brands like Victoria’s Secret (53 million followers), Beautiful Destinations (8.9 million followers) and Go Pro (12 million followers) consistently post multiple times per day with great results.

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By posting every day you’ll likely reach a point where you’ve run out of ideas and all of your previous media has been posted. This is where you’ll have to get creative and find new ways to create content in a fresh and relevant manner. You’ll be forced to be insightful, dig deeper and learn more about your online community and what they want to see.

NOTE: Later I give you a way to catalog your ideas and come up with a ton of content. (note re: note: this is a different essay)

I think once you start to get feedback, you’ll run to Instagram every day, knowing that your customers are waiting for you to post.


Should I really be worried about posting everyday if I don’t have a large following on my account?

Of course, you want users to know you’re active, creating great products for them and engaging with them daily, this is your chance to sell 28.6% more!

(here’s an alternative answer, is it better?)


What should I be posting?

This is a great question and one that I get very often. The answer is simple. Great content! The word “shareable” is the buzzword. I like to call it “useable content”. Can you create content that’s able to be used in a conversation between two people about your product? By the end of this series of essays, I’ll give you the tips to write the best captions, only use the hashtags that have direct effect on your followers, and make the very best images you can with what you have.

(Here’s an alternative answer, is it better?)

Your Passion.

So I should be showing off my product in every post every day?

Now you’re licking your chops, thinking “sell — sell — sell” every single post “buy my product”. I totally get it. This your opportunity to increase your sales by 28.6%. But hold on. We’d love for viewers to buy a product every single time but that’s not the case. Every post we make won’t have a call to action to necessarily buy this right this very moment.

We will want to lead people through a chain of actions that will ultimately lead them to the buying stage. Right now as a viewer of Instagram, they are trying to find their friends’ photos and we’re just an ad in the way. We need to be original and genuine to attract a customer’s attention.

(Here’s an alternative answer, is it better?)

There’s no single right way to post a product. Try all of them! Yes there’s infinite amount of ways to show off a product. Try them all.

Can posting too often turn people away from my IG account? Isn’t it overkill?

Absolutely not.

Think of it this way, the users who are following you are following you by choice and ultimately because they enjoy the content that you share with them.

Give them More of what they want.

Thank you for reading!

Any and all edits, suggestions, critiques are welcome.

Final draft of this essay, along with 11 more are to be published as “No Bots About It!”. Each essay hyper focuses on a single aspect of Instagram. Learn what it takes to build and grow an audience on Instagram.

Originally meant to teach e-commerce stores how to Instagram, topics covered have been a huge help to my private clients who include: Actors, Models, Pro Athletes, TV Hosts, Moms, and more. If you have passion, Instagram has your audience. for more info

No Bots About It! All Chapters

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  2. Schedule Your Posts
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  4. Answer Every Comment
  5. Write Epic Captions
  6. Look For Leaders
  7. Hashtag For Exposure
  8. Hashtag For Engagement
  9. Get Physical
  10. Influence the Influencers
  11. Don’t Call It a Contract
  12. Curate and Create

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