Most Clicked Influencer Marketing Articles of January 2018

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These were the most clicked for January 2018.

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From January 5th, 2018: Places to Be, People to Meet

11 Must-Attend Influencer Events in 2018
More keynotes and conferences are popping up every single year. It can be difficult to determine which events are worth attending. Here’s just shy of a dozen to keep you busy.

Meet The Top 30 Social Media Stars Of Fashion, Parenting, Pets, and More
Forbes intros you to the power players who’ve turned social media platforms into fortunes and empires. In addition to the top categories like Tech and Food and Fashion, There are categories for Pets, Parenting, Home, and Kids.

From January 12th, 2018: All About Campaigns and Instagram

Sponsored Posts via Influencers and Publishers are More Engaging than Organic Content
According to a study from Shareablee, brands get more bang for their buck paying a publisher or influencer to produce a branded-content post through their Pages and paying to promote that post as an ad instead of a post published to the brand’s own Page.

3 Tricks to Become an Instagram Influencer

  • Ask Fake Questions
  • Find Fake Fans
  • Fight Ghost Fans

Yes, these are tricks. Not highly recommended unless you have a lot of time on your hands or you hire an agency.

8 Examples of Successful YouTubers Making Money Outside of Advertising
They found out what their most loyal subscribers want, dream, crave and need. Offered them premium content in exchange for paid subscriptions or one time fees. FYI: This is from Patreon.

Viacom Acquires Influencer Marketing Company WhoSay
Viacom looks to regain its cachet among young viewers who have been increasingly turning to platforms like Snapchat and Instagram to consume content.

From January 19th, 2018: Creative Campaigns

A Guide to Facebook’s Changing News Feed for Brands and Businesses

Mark Zuckerberg addressed changes to Facebook’s News Feed in a … Facebook Post. You can expect to see more “friends, family and groups.” Zuck’s just looking out for our well being. That’s all. Fear not: your content won’t disappear from Facebook altogether, and the way posts appear on your own business or brand page is likely to not be affected. Now, more than ever you’ll need your audience to want to engage and share.

Editorial: this was suggested by a reader and placed in a special reader suggested section. Happy to hear from readers and put an article you liked in there.

Influencer Marketing: Thinking Outside the Tube
While YouTube offers the opportunity to work with a range of very popular content creators with a big reach, it’s not the only game in town. Miranda Sings, for instance, built a significant audience of 3.7 million fans on the video social network app to add to her 8 Million on YouTube. Forward-thinking brands take note of which platforms influencers are expanding to and follow them in order to increase the reach of their campaigns.

10 Ways to Activate Instagram Influencers Without Sponsoring a Post
Here are a few ways to pay influencers without directly paying for a single post. From Appearances to Bio mentions to Commissions, there is a lot of untapped potential in each Influencer’s Instagram account.

From January 26th, 2018: Obnoxious Fortune

editorial: Slightly different format at the top probably caused more clicks this week.

  • It’s a shame. This social media influencer asked for a free hotel room. Instead, the owner ridiculed her and sent her an invoice for 5.3 million dollars. (link)
  • Can vloggers make a fortune? A professional YouTuber manager tells all. (link)
  • Brands are bringing influencer marketing in-house more and more. (link)

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