Lessons Learned Having Coffee With Creators

I’ve started a series of small invite-only gatherings between Creators and Hotels in Bali called Coffee and Collabs. This week was our first one. Here are the lessons I learned from this session.

  • Hotels get hit up for free rooms, by their friends and friends of friends. They consider these influencers.
  • Hotels like to re-use the content from creators because it performs better.
  • “Posting feels like a 2nd job.”
  • Creators don’t want to post on their feed anymore. It’s gotta be too polished and can’t think of what to say in a caption, or which hashtags to use. (editorial: Seems like Analysis Paralysis)
  • Creators love IG stories. “love the goofiness… and it’s gone in 24 hours.”
  • “Nobody uses Snapchat”
  • “I’d like to try TikTok”
  • Men need more help on social media. (Editorial: Does this mean that women don’t reach out for help, hire help... or don’t think they need it?)
  • “Can I just hire someone to post for me?”

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