Instagram Isn’t Photos, It’s Passion

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Instagram, the photo sharing app, is hot. It’s trendy to carve out our space on here and proclaim. We are Here.

But nobody is listening. Nobody cares. They don’t care about a meal, a dog, a sunset.

Instagram is not about photos — nor sharing photos — nor emojis.

Instagram’s Vice President of business, James Quarles, says

“Instagram is a place where people are seeking passion.”

We go to Instagram not to look at photos—but to seek passion.

We follow accounts, not photos. We follow accounts that capture our passions and we follow people who show us what we like, what we know, what we seek.

Instagram is a fun-house mirror. It shows us, not what we see, but what we mean to see. Fills our day with motivations, inspirations, exasperations.

When I post a photo on Instagram… I’m posting proof of passion. I’m also writing a caption that speaks to those who also seek my passion. If I do my job correctly I also allow those who share my passion to find me.

One thing that I see a lot missing from this is the person. If you’re not there. Nobody will come back. Not some, not a few… Nobody.

Be present, every day, to explore your passion, share your passion, not photos, and respond to people.

I had this thought in my head, opened medium and wrote it down. What do you think of it?

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