Influencer Marketing in Vietnam — 2019

Andrew Kamphey
2 min readOct 16, 2019


This is what I observed that could be useful to those working in Influencer Marketing.

photo by @pwign

Spent the month of April in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

Got to meet great people and wanted to share with you what I observed and could be useful to those working in Influencer Marketing.

Everybody uses Facebook.

My L.A. bubble really showed when I found out day by day.. everyone, every business, uses Facebook. It’s just what they use. No shame, no irony. Influencers, Businesses, and Consumers are on Facebook.

Music is interactive.

Met with Amanotes’ Knanh-An Nguyen. 25 music apps, Trending up. Check google play store, they’ll be in the top 10 apps. Between Tik Tok, Amanotes, and YouTube, I’ve seen a lot of unique ways to distribute music. Check out case studies like Silento/Tunecore (YT) and Lil Nas X (TikTok). Music is not just stuck in listening mode. There’s a ton of exciting things to do to get listeners.

Vietnam is global

Amanotes isn’t a Vietnamese company trying to make it globally. Their path started globally. Hiip just this week acquired an Indonesian influencer marketing agency. They are well on their path to being a dominating force in Southeast Asia. Lookout Gushcloud, the competition is heating up. — All of this is great for creators and influencers.

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