In 2017 I Growth Hacked Instagram for 22 clients and Gained Collectively 399,739 Followers — A Year in Stats

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Up and to the Right!

At the end of 2017 my growth agency has 22 clients. Below are some stats that I’ve gleaned from this year. This is a short review of milestones passed and who my clients typically are.

22 Instagram accounts’ growth in 2017 in a single chart. Collectively my clients have gained almost four hundred thousand new followers. If you add in my own account then it definitely goes over that mark.

The types of accounts I help grow are people. Real People who have a career outside of Instagram. I don’t create the influencers, I just influence their influence. Insert big smug-looking smiley face here.

Clients include: Actors, Athletes, Models, Musicians, Travel Writers, TV-Hosts, Writers, Yogis, and YouTubers.

  • Targeted Following
  • Targeted Hashtags —
  • Targeted Collaborations

Note: Not everyone needs everything to grow. Collaborations don’t work for everyone and some clients don’t use hashtags at all.

Collectively clients have gained 399,739 followers.

That’s a big number! I didn’t even know it was going to be near half a million.

Clients average 2,498 new followers per month.

Clients range from 1k to 5k new followers a month. Each person is unique. Each person has their own unique efforts and their own unique presence.

4 clients passed 10,000 followers.

5 clients passed 25,000 followers.

6 clients passed 50,000 followers

1 client passed 75,000 followers

1 client passed 100,000 followers

1 client passed both 25,000 and 50,000 followers this year.

Rates vary account to account. Some are set up as businesses which see much less engagement than personal accounts.

Clients accounts range as low as 1% to over 6% average engagement per post.

Engagement rate is calculated by Total Comments and Likes divided by number of followers.

A few steps have been taken to increase engagement rates among clients.

Here is the simplest way to increase engagement rates: Answer Every Comment

If clients stay on their current course, by this time next year:

7 clients will pass 25,000 followers

5 clients will pass 50,000 followers

7 clients will pass 75,000 followers

3 clients will pass 100,000 followers

  • Most of my clients are female.
  • Most of my clients post 5–7 times a week.
  • Most of my clients answer every comment.
  • Most of my clients actually write great captions.
  • Most of my clients share their passion with their audience.

You can be a success on Instagram in 4 steps.

I wrote12 essays that focus on best practices of how to grow Instagram accounts. Use those principles to set a good foundation. Use my services to get greater, targeted, faster growth.

Free Growth Resources: 12 essays on Instagram Growth

So what? You got followers! Wow! Now what?

These are all things clients of mine did this year:

  • Co-hosted a tv show.
  • Appeared in film, tv, and web series.
  • I got a client a free hotel room this year.
  • Wrote a book.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Go Influence someone

I edit and send out Influencer Marketing Insights to subscribers every week: Influence Weekly. See past issues there too.

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