How To Grow on Instagram Without the Use of Bots or a Budget.

12 Essays About Instagram Growth

January 2017, I started writing a book. Planned out 22 chapters. Created marketing plans. Joined a mastermind. Hired Ghostwriters. Wrote about hiring ghostwriters.Kept writing rough drafts. Hired an editor. Edited. And never publishing it as an ebook. Here are all the chapters, for you, for free.


Here’s what you need to do if you want to grow on Instagram.

  1. Post Every Day *Easiest To Execute
  2. Schedule Your Posts *2nd Easiest to Execute
  3. Ideas Are Free
  4. Answer Every Comment *Most Popular Essay
  5. Write Epic Captions
  6. Look For Leaders
  7. Hashtag For Exposure *Drives the Most Growth
  8. Hashtag For Engagement *Most Unique Essay
  9. Get Physical *Super Creative
  10. Influence the Influencers *Most Time Consuming
  11. Don’t Call It a Contract *Hardest to get right
  12. Curate and Create

Posting — Section 1

First four chapters builds the foundation of a good instagram account. I try to get across to you that it’s not just about each individual post but rather the collective energy you put into it. Not one of those chapters talks about image quality or takes photography skills to implement. The 2nd chapter uses the free version of an awesome tool. Third chapter uses google docs to keep yourself organized.

Inconsistency is costing you 28.6% of your opportunities. Simply: post something every day. Once you get into that rhythm, you’ll be growing in no time.

It’s not just about staying consistent, it’s about creating an overall aesthetic for your Instagram.

If you’re not keeping an ideas catalog, then you’re wasting great ideas — as well as time and money.

Pithy quotes create fickle fans. Leverage captions to increase engagement and create stark raving fans.

Community — Section 2

Here’s where I spend a lot of time on 3 topics I really really enjoy. Communicating with your community and how to allow yourself to be found by them. What I’d like to point out here is that I do not recommend using any hashtag app that promotes a useless blob of 30 tags. Read the two articles on hashtags and you’ll find my theories on this.

Easily jack up your engagement by spending time with those who matter, your fans. Yes, it’s a numbers game… and it’s also about 1 relationship. Between You and each Fan.

Who to compare yourself and who not to compare yourself to on Instagram.

Leverage large themed accounts looking to share your content to reach new audiences.

Stop using generic hashtags that turn away your audience. Start guiding them to content they’re craving.

Collaborate — Section 3

If you take 1 week to implement each of the above essays, you’d have spent 2 months already on your own account. Which is good. Now we go outside. Here’s what happens when you not just look out a proverbial window, but also step outside and work with others.

Kim K did it…why can’t you? Turn your Instagram into an offline product.

Woo and leverage influencers on Instagram. They’re a specific beast that can work for or against you.

How to strike a deal with influencers without scaring them away

Increase your posts’ power by offering more than just product shots.

By the end of all those chapters I hope you have 12 new tools to add to your arsenal to take over Instagram.

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Former Santa | Maker | Coffee Drinker

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