How to Celebrate 10,000 Followers on Instagram

You’ve made it! Now what? Post about it!


You’ve worked so hard posting every day and getting to 9,99X followers. It’s a foregone conclusion that you will reach TEN THOUSAND, at some point. So start planning and have a celebration post ready to go.

Because it’s not actually about you. It’s about the passion you’re promoting and your followers are an equal part of that passion. Celebrating milestones also promotes your social proof. You can encourage others to join, and even encourage those who don’t participate much to increase their engagement rate with you. This is moving followers up a ladder of engagement.

Those who View => Follow

Those who Follow => Like

Those who Like => Comment

Those who Comment => Share

Those who Share => Evangelize

Each person can do more and by celebrating your milestones gives them a little more social proof so they ease into the next thing they can do.

Enough of why we do this. Let’s do it! Let’s celebrate!

Caption Ideas

Captions count here a lot. This photo, while it shouldn’t stand too far out among your posts, will be special. It might draw attention and you’ll want to be prepared with a great caption. Not just a quote. Not just a single line or description of what’s going on.

Here are a few ideas for what to write in your caption.

Maybe a story about that one day you realized you wanted to post stuff on Instagram. Maybe a story about crossing 9k.

Single out a follower, or two. Someone who has commented on a decent amount of your posts. Someone you know by name. You look forward to. Mention them and that you two are on the same journey with 9,999 other people.

Tell your community about what it took to get here. What is your most memorable post? What is your best post? What is it that keeps you posting every single day?

As for which one: Use one or all of them. Yes, you can, and should have multiple things going on in your caption.

10 Examples

Here are examples of ways to announce to the world that you’ve passed this momentous occasion. from 4 to 5 digits! Treat your fans to a spectacle. Make sure it’s within your typical posts but let’s do something just a little more special and poignant right now. Shall we?

Find flowers and arrange them to say 10k. The hardest one to fine would be the K. or a 2 when you reach 20k. Wishful thinking?

Thank your followers by creating a cute video, thanking your followers for helping you reach this milestone.

Pose with cute gold balloons. In this this example by @forever_39 they are small but they can be as big as you can find them.

Make a simple shoutout letter. It may be printed or hand written. Get out your calligraphy pens or learn how to do lettering for this occasion.

Lay out treats with your pet. No matter how hangry he is. Get the shot first then let him eat. Grumpy pets seem to do worse than happy pets. But any funny furry face is going to win over more fans.

Do multiple posts like this Italian man who used balloons, graphics and a collage.

How cute are these picked berries laid on top of a tree stump. Easy to make a nice styled writing with anything small. Marbles, Dominos, Legos, you name it. It can be done. Nice also to create a simple backdrop, maybe even change perspective a bit from your routine.

Run a 10k giveaway. This is the way you could do to give back to your followers. It’s a good time to try something new and generate more buzz. Giveaways truly do bring a lot of comments but watch out. Many new followers from giveaways leave shortly after. So don’t do this before you get to 10k or you’ll be celebrating again after you lose and gain followers again.

Use colorful candies What’s nice about this example is that the colors are the border causing the black lettering to stand out.

See how this happy beachgoer is jumping for joy. Any great emotional post is going to win more fans. It’s a good reason to get out in the sun and just go wild.

Anytime you can get your pets in is an excuse to have a good time. Add a heart balloon with your pet. Also, can do graphics to showcase the 10k.

How about getting someone to make a happy sketch of you. Might be better to run a photo through a photoshop filter (find edges) and you might get something similar. But try to get a caricature or find another artist on Instagram that you can trade posts with. They might just surprise you with a sweet drawing.

Just go for a Funny pic of yourself. Warp it, filter it. Make it creepy.

A simple color paint. Some paper and a water color set. Maybe take it up a notch and paint a picture too. But no need to go overboard on the colors.

Use your jewellery to tell a story. Be as abstract as you’d like to be.

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