How Instagram Got Him The Best Gig Ever

This story highlights one of the 52 ways to monetize your Instagram account. Just to be clear: It took Jason years to become an overnight success, and land the gig of a lifetime with Pizza Hut.

Jason’s office rotate among all the college national sports championships for one year.

What Was the Gig?

So, who won it?

Meet Jason Zone Fisher

Full Disclosure: Jason is a client of my digital growth agency.

How Did He Do It?

Since his childhood days, Jason has always been interested in the entertainment industry and since then dipped his feet in every role imaginable — he was a host, creative consultant, spokesman, and producer. As Jason actively created content, he knew it was just as important to promote it.

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On SportsCenter. Click for video.

A Friend Helped

It was the day before the deadline and time was ticking. Jason ordered Pizza Hut and quickly shot a video explaining why he was the perfect candidate for the gig. He then went through a series of phone and Skype interviews after submitting his video on Sunday, and was selected as the Pizza Hut All-American that Thursday beating 1,000 other entrants. By Monday, he was on a plane to the Pizza Hut HQ’s in Dallas.

Everything Changed

Jason didn’t just win by entering the contest; he won because of his active engagement in curating, promoting, and sharing his work which led him to projects with other major brands including Gillette, Butterfinger, and Esurance.

“[social media]is also very important because I think I get a lot of the work that I’m doing because people see me out there, putting myself out there, working and doing stuff,” says Jason. “It’s a form of marketing more than anything else, and I think casting directors look at it, other brands look at it, people who are in position to hire someone like me look at social media to see the direction of where my career is going, what I’m doing, and who I’m reaching.”

Can you imagine the endless opportunities and benefits that can lead you to your dream job just by engaging on platforms such as Instagram?

  • The opportunity to create content in exciting places
  • Travel (in Jason’s case, attend 33 NCAA championships)
  • Endless pizza
  • Open other doors of opportunities

Fun fact: Jason auditioned for Coaster Quest while on the road with Pizza Hut

What did he do before this opportunity?

I had previously served as the national spokesman and content creator for major brands including Skype, Gillette, Butterfinger, Esurance and more. In addition, I hosted a college football show on the Big Ten Network for two seasons. All of those experiences, amongst many others, set me up perfectly for this latest adventure with Pizza Hut and the NCAA.

— Jason

There’s a lot of hard work Jason put in prior to the contest. By engaging consistently and using Instagram as a tool, this sports fan got the gig of a lifetime.

What Is Jason Doing Now?

And he host’s Halftime Live

It’s free to play and it’s all sports trivia. I ask 12 sports trivia questions every single day and if you get all 12 questions right, you win cash — hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on what that day’s prize is and it typically takes place at halftime of whatever the biggest sporting event is that day. -Jason

And he hosts: Arena Trivia

Arena Trivia is also available in the app store and you can download and play. That one’s super fun too, where you are broken up into teams and every game has a different theme. You could do Coke or Pepsi, or Kanye West or Taylor Swift, and you pick whichever side you want to be on and I ask 10 trivia questions. If you get them all right, you win money. -Jason

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