Hashtag For Engagement

Discover and Engage

Link Together

Work Smarter

For example

Make sure your Hashtags drive people to more content they want

Always include a Call to Action

One Personalized Hashtag/Call to Action is Not Enough

Make it a True Album

Top Photos get Top Engagement

Colors Count, So Count on Colors

Location, Location, Location

Mark the Milestone(s)

The Journey Counts Too

Create Useable Hashtags

Spread the Unique URL

Thank you for reading!

No Bots About It! All Chapters

  1. Post Every Day
  2. Schedule Your Posts
  3. Ideas Are Free
  4. Answer Every Comment
  5. Write Epic Captions
  6. Look For Leaders
  7. Hashtag For Exposure
  8. Hashtag For Engagement
  9. Get Physical
  10. Influence the Influencers
  11. Don’t Call It a Contract
  12. Curate and Create




Former Santa | Maker | Coffee Drinker

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Andrew Kamphey

Andrew Kamphey

Former Santa | Maker | Coffee Drinker

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