Get Physical With Your Instagram

How to engage and grow your Instagram account by making physical products and experiences.

Beyond A Single Post

Sometimes a single post just won’t sell your product. Sometimes Instagram alone just won’t sell your products. Gain more followers by using your Instagram posts outside of Instagram.

How Long Does It Take?

Honestly, what you do on instagram doesn’t have to stay on instagram. Most customers aren’t going to buy a product after seeing it in a single post anyway. It may take 10, 20, heck 50 posts before they buy. Sometimes it may take more than just online posts. Sometimes you need to put something else in your customer’s hands before they’ll buy your products. A catalog, a t-Shirt, a card.

Platform Limitations

Ultimately Instagram operates in a controlled environment where customers are limited by their mobile devices and within the framework of Instagram. A customer can only like a post once. Comment only so many number of times. You’ll want to create additional opportunities for touchpoints and customers to engage with your brand.

By taking your online existence offline, you’re able to move away from online limitations and create real products that customers can tangibly experience.

Represent Yourself More

There’s more value to be mined from your Instagram content if your customers are getting a physical representation of your content in their hands.

Here are great use cases of how to make your instagram feed into physical products.

All Your Instagram Posts On All Your Business Cards

It’s just not enough to have your Instagram handle on your business card these days. Instead use to incorporate your digital content onto your cards. The feature, Printfinity, allows you to customize your cards. Displaying your online presence each time you hand a card over gives you an awesome talking point. It gives people a reason to find you on instagram.

Show Off Your Engagement

If you already have excellent engagement it adds additional value to include a screenshot of each post. Include the date and likes. This shows there is a large community following what you do.

Create a Catalog with Chatbooks

It’s just not enough to have a catalog anymore. Instead you’re probably already using your Instagram content as your catalog. Each caption a description of the product. There is a fantastic operation called Chatbooks which easily makes your Instagram feed into a 60 page paperback book for less than 10 dollars. Because Chatbooks are a physical representation of your Instagram they are extremely versatile. Place copies of your chatbook in a store to help customers shop. Mail a chatbooks to customers who already purchased products. Sell your chatbooks to your biggest fans.

Show Off Your Chatbooks

Take a picture of your chatbook next to the product it’s selling to create a great online post.

Here’s a Free Book For You!

For only 8 dollars, will mail you a soft cover book displaying your last 60 instagram posts. 30 if they all have long captions. Use the coupon code KAMPHEY to get your first book for free.

More Examples

While I could go on forever about physical products, here’s a few pretty awesome examples;

Use socialprintstudio to create a calendar. Allows you to incorporate a year’s worth of posts in one simple offline product.

HumansofNY transformed from Instagram to an offline book, displaying all of its online content in an tangible offline product.

Geoff and Katie transformed their travel Instagram account into a coloring book.

Create sunglasses from a really cool post:


Create unique products from collaborations for additional exposure. A Musician scores your TV commercial. An illustrator you find on Instagram that illustrates your brochure with product images. A painter who paints still lifes of your products. We’ll go into more detail about collaborating in the next three chapters.

Create More Touchpoints

Physical products create more touch-points for customers. Customers engage beyond likes and comments. Physical products also create additional revenue opportunities. Regardless of your product offering, getting physical is a great way to get your products into the real world.

Thank you for reading!

Any and all edits, suggestions, critiques are welcome.

Final draft of this essay, along with 11 more are to be published as “No Bots About It!”. Each essay hyper focuses on a single aspect of Instagram. Learn what it takes to build and grow an audience on Instagram.

Originally meant to teach e-commerce stores how to Instagram, topics covered have been a huge help to my private clients who include: Actors, Models, Pro Athletes, TV Hosts, Moms, and more. If you have passion, Instagram has your audience. for more info.

No Bots About It! All Chapters

  1. Post Every Day
  2. Schedule Your Posts
  3. Ideas Are Free
  4. Answer Every Comment
  5. Write Epic Captions
  6. Look For Leaders
  7. Hashtag For Exposure
  8. Hashtag For Engagement
  9. Get Physical
  10. Influence the Influencers
  11. Don’t Call It a Contract
  12. Curate and Create

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