• Alexandra Pocov

    Alexandra Pocov

    Read it before you tweet it. Hungry for #allthingsdigital #digitalmarketing #appmarketing

  • Miruna


    Freelance travel writer with a fondness for Italian food, Paris in the ‘20s, Nordic design, and everything Spanish. Live, work & play in quirky Europe.

  • Chris Smith

    Chris Smith

    Writing productivity coach and co-founder of Prolifiko. https://prolifiko.com/

  • Arul P

    Arul P


  • Bukit Vista Hospitality Services

    Bukit Vista Hospitality Services

    Based on the sunny island of Bali, we’re on a mission to inspire delight through hospitality innovations that positively transform guests, partners & employees.

  • IRRQuest®


    IRRQuest® provides dedicated solutions to Private Equity and Growth Leaders in a collaborative approach to value creation upon a proprietary Value Framework.

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