Discover 10 Scary Sexy Actors on Instagram

Who follows are scary, sexy, crazy actors who really put it on display on Instagram.

Bill Skarsgard

The clown from It has an Instagram! And he’s a hunk.

Christy St. John

This girl plays with a different kind of doll.

Danny Trejo

Scary, sexy, And business owner. Check out his donut shop on a list of Los Angeles’ Most Instagrammable Restaurants.

Caleb Landry Jones

Dude from Get Out, who continues to be scary, and sexy.

Aaron Dalla Villa

He’s got a sense of humor and a six pack.

Matthew Wilkas

An actor, writer, and he make videos with emojis.

Nicole Dambro

Scary sexy indie actress.

Reeve Carney

Seen in Rocky Horror. And other fine horrific acts of art.

Stephen King

Yes the writer, also is in the scenes, not just behind the scenes. What’s sexier than an imagination?

Alicia Vela-Bailey

Actress, stuntwoman, dancer, model. Plays Diana in the film Lights Out. Her Instagram has a lot more travel photos than BTS but this is wicked good acting.

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