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How to build an Instagram based on passion

Curate The Zeitgeist

We’ve gone through 11 chapters on how to optimize your Instagram account for business. You’ve learned the tools and now you’re ready to completely change the way you post. Now it’s time to curate exceptional content.

You mean curate nice photos of my product. Right?

Nope. We will curate customers.

But wait… curate what? We will curate what customers want. Not what we want to sell.

As we’ve previously learned we need to observe the environment around us to truly succeed on IG. Curation is no different. Take ideas from all angles. Learn from others in your industry. Be inspired by them. Listen to everyone and channel it into your own content.

Curate for customers.

One of the biggest issues brands face when first producing content is trying to hit a homerun every time they post. Thinking that by producing one incredible piece of content will suddenly catapult them into the upper echelon of their niche. This simply isn’t true. Instead we’ve learned that it takes daily posts, geared towards a specific audience to really gain notoriety within your industry.

Finding your voice and groove online can be difficult. Often starting is the biggest obstacle most brands are facing. Instead of curating and putting out new images daily, they sit there wondering how to do better or what type of impact there last post had. There’s no need to try and over sell yourself or your products all at once. Listen and observe your audience. They’ll tell you what they’re looking for then curate your content based on that.


Listening is the first part of curating great content. Start by taking a look at the competition around you is doing and how their audience is responding to their content. What do they like? What don’t they like? Read their comments and check out the profiles of their followers. You likely to learn a significant amount about your demographic this way.

Another great idea is to reach out to the followers you already have and gain insight from them. Incorporate calls to action within your posts that ask for feedback. Generate conversations around your products and shift your strategies accordingly.


Another great way to curate content for your customers is to ask. I know that concept sounds simple and straightforward but it can be challenging. You want to ask supporters for their input in a creative and insightful way. Running contest and creating polls are two great places to start.

Incorporate contesting into your media by posting images then ask followers to tell you their favorite features about the product or maybe an outside the box way in which they used it.

Anything that’s creative and generates engagement will help. Offer a prize to person with the best response.

Polls are another fun way of receiving feedback. Place two or three products together in a post then have customers comment and vote for which product they like the most. The winning product can be featured and you’ll gain valuable insight into what your audience whats to see.

Research / Investigate

The finally piece of the curation puzzle lies within doing industry research and investigations. Learn from the past mistakes of others. Be a historian of your niche and find out what has worked and what hasn’t. By investigating the market around you, you can valuable insight to what customers want and what they dont.

Investigate past campaigns by your industry leaders. How did they perform? What worked and what didn’t? How did user respond to their media, did they engage with it or simply glance and let it pass by?

Final thoughts

Ultimate to be seen or heard on social media, you have to put out valuable content on a regular basis. Valuable content begins with curating for your customers needs and ends by gaining a better appreciation what they want to see. Listen, ask and research your way into producing the type of content that will drive sales.

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