I ran a curated newsletter for 3 years about Influencer Marketing and this I’ve found to be the easiest way to get sponsors.

Each week I curate articles and sent out Influence Weekly. Typically each edition has between 15 and 20 articles.

To keep it interesting, I’ve played with different sections and different types of information.

Highlighting great reading material, highlighting people, Agencies, Creators, Jobs, Sources (Journalists), Events, etc.

I can’t help it. It’s just what the people want.

They want the interesting articles that I find each week served up in a simple list in their inbox. …

It’s February, 2021. Approximately 10 months since I launched Better Sheets. Better Sheets has more than 1,800 customers and fewer than 1,900 at the moment.

While 1,900 isn’t a well documented milestone, 2,000 is.

I’ll take the next 2,000-ish words to talk about what it’s like to approach 2,000 customers.

Why it began. How it went. Where it will go.

And I’ll talk through a few giants who let Better Sheets stand on their shoulders. Or rather plucked Better Sheets from obscurity.


1. I made Better Sheets. Turned Anger into Love.

2. AppSumo picked Better Sheets from 700 applications.


Your newsletter has zero subscribers. Here are 10 ways to change that.

These 10 go beyond your normal: Post to twitter, facebook, LinkedIn tips. None of that. These tips should get you started and on the way to 50 subscribers in a week.

I bet: If you do all 10 of these tips, you’ll get 50 subscribers this week.

Not all of them get you 5 each. Unless you have 5 Moms. But some you can take the number I suggest, and double it. I bet you have 20 people you know who you’ve worked with in the past.


Alex Hillman asked for reviews, on twitter. I obliged.

When I emailed him, I mentioned I had reviewed a book of poems and reviewed or, rather endorsed a profitable newsletter course. That’s my whole career as a book critic.

This critique, review, endorsement is not without bias. I like Alex. I like what he does. He likes what I do.

Here’s proof on twitter: https://twitter.com/alexhillman/status/1260256258097139715

Jack Dorsey launched a $1B global relief fund via a google sheet. You can start a business.

Yes you can launch a business

Wait, but he has money… how do I get money?

Dense Discovery created a payment portal in a google sheet.

Sell individual items with links to etsy, or ebay, in a cell.

Let BuyMeACoffee handle monthly subscriptions, or just take donations.

Put a google sheet behind a $3 paywall with BuyMeACoffee’s Coffeelinks

But I don’t have stripe.
Set a very unique number, like $34.20 for your price: and use Paypal.me. For example if you pay $3.02 here, I’ll know you read this article and really liked it.

Watch Your payments. Anyone paid that…

Two Years ago I didn’t write a newsletter. 12 Months ago I didn’t run a profitable newsletter. Read about how I lost $137 in the first year here.

I’ve spent 104 Thursdays reading and editing for 2 to 10 hours. And made a few thousand dollars in the process.


  • Revenue doesn’t just appear.
  • One single big push isn’t sustainable and can lead to burnout.
  • Statistics matter, but not as much as I think.
  • Don’t be slow.
  • Work only on things that matter.
  • Success is a process, not a goal.

Let me introduce myself.

I’m Andrew. I worked a full-time job in Influencer Marketing. Specifically…

This is what I observed that could be useful to those working in Influencer Marketing.

photo by @pwign

Spent the month of April in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

Got to meet great people and wanted to share with you what I observed and could be useful to those working in Influencer Marketing.

Everybody uses Facebook.

My L.A. bubble really showed when I found out day by day.. everyone, every business, uses Facebook. It’s just what they use. No shame, no irony. Influencers, Businesses, and Consumers are on Facebook.

Music is interactive.

Met with Amanotes’ Knanh-An Nguyen. 25 music apps, Trending up. Check google play store, they’ll be in the top 10 apps. Between Tik Tok, Amanotes, and YouTube, I’ve…

Turning FOMO into JOMO by unfollowing

What I mean is… Now I have the Joy of Missing out, instead of the Fear of Missing out.

I unfollowed everyone

A couple years ago, in order to curb my Facebook time, I unfollowed everyone. The point was not to unfriend them. I want to keep that. I didn’t want to piss anyone off. And I knew I would want to use Facebook for personal development and business development.

Active, Not Passive

I did it, I clicked unfollow. Cleaned out my feed. I clicked unfollow on everyone.

It reduced my time on Facebook, after a while. It took a…

Influence Weekly provides a curated newsletter each week about the Influencer Marketing industry and whatever it may encompass.

…individuals, groups, and companies looking to better understand the growth Influencer Marketing space for a variety of reasons: whether it’s to make content, find marketing channels, invest time and resources to understand the ecosystem or generally to just do interesting stuff.

Influence Weekly is edited and published by me, Andrew Kamphey. I’ve been working in the influencer marketing industry since late 2015.

And have been a professional creator since before YouTube existed.

Yes, I made branded videos for the likes of Eurowings…

I’ve started a series of small invite-only gatherings between Creators and Hotels in Bali called Coffee and Collabs. This week was our first one. Here are the lessons I learned from this session.

  • Hotels get hit up for free rooms, by their friends and friends of friends. They consider these influencers.
  • Hotels like to re-use the content from creators because it performs better.
  • “Posting feels like a 2nd job.”
  • Creators don’t want to post on their feed anymore. It’s gotta be too polished and can’t think of what to say in a caption, or which hashtags to use. …

Andrew Kamphey

Former Santa | Maker | Coffee Drinker

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