52 Ways to Make Money on Instagram

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  1. Brand sponsorships
  2. Sell shoutouts of other accounts
  3. Sell Lightroom Presets (ArtOfVisuals)
  4. Make Chatbooks and sell th em
  5. Print T-shirts and sell them
  6. Sell a Monthly Calendar w/ Your Posts
  7. Patreon
  8. Sell your photography as prints
  9. Sell your photography as stock photo
  10. Sell a subscription box
  11. Affiliate marketing (Clickbank, Rakuten Marketing UK)
  12. Teach others Online (Udemy, Teachable)
  13. 1 on 1 coaching
  14. Consult for brands
  15. Amazon Associates
  16. Amazon Influencer Program
  17. Syndicate posts to publications
  18. Public Events
  19. Corporate Sponsor
  20. Government Funding (for research?)
  21. Rich Family Member
  22. Paid Meetups
  23. Appearance Fee
  24. Rent out your bio link
  25. Sell space in your Bio
  26. Speaking Fee
  27. Win Grants from Organizations
  28. Funding by Non-Profit(s) (Like This French Ad)
  29. Cross post videos to Youtube
  30. Host a cruise (JocoCruise)
  31. Publish an eBook (Coloring Book Maybe?)
  32. Create unusual products
  33. Create posts for others
  34. Pledge Drive (a la NPR)
  35. Crowdfunding Campaign (Kickstarter)
  36. Host giveaways
  37. Win sweepstakes, sell prizes
  38. Paid suggested / commissioned photos
  39. Sell access to private chat (Dischord, Slack)
  40. Sell archives
  41. Private email newsletter
  42. Create a paid app (Victorious Inc.)
  43. Get a TV deal
  44. Get casted on a TV show
  45. Takeover a Brand’s Account
  46. Get a book deal
  47. License your videos to Break.com or Jukin
  48. License your videos to Broadcast (The QYOU)
  49. Produce a documentary, sell to Netflix
  50. Get a weekly column in a newspaper
  51. License to a stock photo agent
  52. Private access to community forum (Facebook, Reddit)
  53. Bonus: Tip Jar

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