2 Influencer Reports — Influence Weekly #77

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Great Reads

Julius and Lippe Taylor’s State of Influencers Report 2019
In answer to “When working with brands, what’s the biggest challenge?” 52% of all respondents selected “Negotiating value exchange.” The good news is that just 18% felt brands are too controlling over creative direction.

What Sherlock Holmes Knew About Attribution Modeling
Aron, of Relatable, and then Google found out that for every person who is clicking on the tracking link of an influencer video on YouTube, there are 4 more people who are not clicking but still download the game within four days after watching.

How Much Do Influencers Charge? Klear’s New Research Shows the Average Rates that Influencers Charge for Sponsored Posts
Klear surveyed more than 2,500 different types of influencers across three major social networks (Instagram, YouTube and Facebook), in order to gain some perspective on what they’re charging for sponsored content.

The reports of Snapchat’s death have been greatly exaggerated…
Accelerated, a fantastic newsletter, did a reader survey to find out about Snap. They found that “Usage has pivoted away from Stories back to the platform’s original use case of 1–1 and group messaging, as the product remains the fastest way to record and send photo/video content. Snapchat is stickiest for younger users, who find value in features like disappearing messages and streaks.”


Over 1,000 Influencer marketing professionals to meet at IMCX. July 9–11th in Los Angeles
Connect & learn from over 60 industry thought leaders. IMCX is a must attend for brands, agencies, and others involved in influencer marketing. Exhibit and sponsorship opportunities available. Register TODAY, save up to $300. Visit Influencermarketingexpo.com for more details.

Interesting People

Industry News

Over 50 Events for Influencer Marketing Agencies, Creators and Marketers to attend.

  • 33% are outside the U.S.
  • 76% within the next 6 months
  • 10% within the APAC region

Collab Corner

I just met Travel Couple Alex & Victoria, @Northabroad, in Bali. They live a vegan and eco-conscious lifestyle trying to spread awareness about the environment and ways to make a positive impact.

They’ve worked with hotel brands JW Marriott and Radisson Blu as well as RV company Cruise America.

Currently, they are in the process of finding distribution for their full-length documentary Shade Grown Coffee — The Movie about the sustainable production of coffee.

Would love to work with like-minded brands, hotels and experiences sharing the same message. Reply to this email and I’ll connect you.

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