10 Fabulous Fitness Freaks You Need to Follow on Instagram

Most fitness gurus will just show you pictures of their food or whey, and then a few gym shots a day. Flex flex flex boring. These fitness freaks are getting their freak on, in a good way. Funny and inspiring. Each of them get fit in a different way.

Zane Schweitzer

Two times Ultimate Waterman. Is that Left Shark on the seas with him? This waterman gives back. Humble and always going with the flow. Zane bemoans, not the state of the surf, but the state of pollution. His battles include fights again pollution in the ocean and in our bodies.

Always giving back, he’s got a penchant for plastic. Among his charitable activities are Pocket of Plastic Challenge and Stand Up For the Cure.

Lita Lewis

A thick athlete who trains the MIND and BODY. She’s not just a pretty face on Instagram. Also has a YouTube channel and Facebook page. The best part is that she’s not just doing the fitness thing in her backyard. She’s out in the world and you can join her. Find her at an event in your city or hers.

Namaste Jenay

She’s going to do yoga anywhere, anytime with anyone. Jenay Rose (aka Namaste Jenay) is a health and wellness advocate, meditation leader, and yoga influencer. Passionate about making yoga approachable for all. Whether you come to yoga for its healing practices, stress relief, mobility or pain management, she’s got your back. Her site has way more info

Dan Bilzerian

If you can spell his name right, he’s gonna give you a few freaky fun time happy smiles. This crane kick is totally not legal, but does Dan care? While he’s a controversial character, those abs.

Paola Antonini

An amazing woman! Lost her leg in 2014 after being hit by a drunken driver in a car accident, and now inspires people on Instagram.

Between being unhappy forever and thankful for being alive, I chose the second option. — Paola

Ali Spagnola

Follow her for a huge dose of comedy with your fitness. Bringing the worlds of comedy and fitness and MUSIC together. Her concerts are also drinking games. And so she has to do something to rid of beer belly. She’s got a youtube channel that’s worthy of a subscribe right now.

Phil Heath

7 Times Mr. Olympia. Every time I see his Instagram, I ask myself: So why aren’t you in the Gym now? Go to the Gym!

Juliana Malacarne

Another gym rat that flaunts it on Instagram. Four Times Ms. Olympia! going for a fifth this year? Her photos of food are actually interesting. No avocado on toast on this feed. Get more of her raw feed on her site too.


A lady who just yogas on anything. Follow her now to see her yoga on a concrete pile. It’s awesome. (See below) I had to included two photos for this one. She’s awesome and has a huge beaming smile. Why are all other yogis so serious? Looking at her feed makes me want to do Yoga!

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